What you must know about cotton sleeping bags for camping

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What you must know about cotton sleeping bags for camping

Cotton sleeping bags for camping are indispensable when climbing. North-south travel reminded the majority of mountaineering enthusiasts. Nowadays, there are many types of mountain equipment sleeping bags, but when choosing sleeping bags, like other outdoor products, you are not the most expensive and most advanced one. Should choose, only the most suitable for you, can match the outdoor sports you are engaged in is the best, the following north-south tour will share with you the knowledge about mountain equipment sleeping bag.

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According to different uses, mountain equipment sleeping bags are generally divided into two categories. One type of sleeping bags is thinner and used for general travel or camping. Most of these sleeping bags are used in spring, summer and autumn. There is also a type of sleeping bag used in colder environments and even for some adventure activities. This type of sleeping bag is generally called a professional sleeping bag. Ordinary sleeping bags are relatively cheap and versatile. Professional sleeping bags are very sophisticated in design and materials, and the price is relatively high. However, if you do not need professional sleeping bags for winter camping or traveling to high altitude areas.

The different uses of mountain equipment sleeping bag determine the difference in the thermal insulation material and manufacturing process of the sleeping bag. The difference in the grade and function of sleeping bags is also mainly in the use of different fabrics and warm layers. The relatively low-end ordinary sleeping bag fabrics on the market use general nylon silk, and most of the thermal insulation layer is made of synthetic acrylic cotton. These sleeping bags are not very thermally insulating. They can only be used in an environment of about 20c and they are heavier and more compressible. difference. High-quality ordinary sleeping bags are much stricter in terms of materials.

The fabric of the mountain equipment sleeping bag should have a little waterproof function to prevent the sleeping bag from being wetted by dew or condensation in the tent, which will affect the warmth retention effect. Of course, the air permeability is relatively more important, otherwise it will be very uncomfortable. Some brands of sleeping bag fabrics are made of special waterproof and breathable materials. Sleeping bags are mainly mummified in design style. This design has a headgear, the upper is large and the lower is small, which conforms to the human-oriented shape. The side of the sleeping bag is equipped with a zipper for easy access. This design has good heat preservation performance. In addition, there is also an envelope sleeping bag, which is not only comfortable to use, but also can be used as a quilt with all the zippers open. It can be used outdoors and at home.