How to choose a goose down sleeping bag

 09/11/2020| View:1564
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How to choose a goose down sleeping bag

For outdoor travel, goose down sleeping bags are second only to backpacks in importance. But many people don't know exactly how to choose a goose down sleeping bag, let us find out below.

1. Identify the environment: hiking, weather, self-driving, mountaineering, outdoor, mountain, season, indoor.

2. Know yourself: Ordinary outdoor climbing, difficult climbing, afraid of the cold? How are you? Is it the first time outdoors? Can you endure hardship? Strong?

Goose down travel sleeping bag

3. Select temperature scale: There are two main methods for marking temperature scale, one is called limit temperature scale, and the other is called comfort temperature scale. The limit temperature scale refers to the temperature at which the human body will not be sacrificed, while the comfort temperature scale is the temperature at which we can sleep peacefully.

4. Determine the temperature scale: Before buying a goose down sleeping bag, please ask yourself these few questions? How low is the temperature in the environment where I participate in the activity? Do I care about weight? How much do I plan to spend? If you only want it above 0 degrees Use goose down sleeping bags in the environment, you might as well choose a lower temperature, such as -3 degrees or -5 degrees. If your cold resistance ability is relatively weak, it is recommended that you also choose a sleeping bag with a lower temperature index. After all, we are much easier and safer to deal with warm heat than cold.