According to its material, what can outdoor sleeping bags be divided into

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1. Outdoor down sleeping bag

The material of down outdoor sleeping bag can be divided into white goose down, white duck down, gray duck down, waterfowl down and so on. The heat per unit weight is the most effective. Down sleeping bags are more warm, easy to squeeze, easy to maintain and have a longer lifespan. The disadvantage is that the price is higher and will absorb moisture, while the damp sleeping bag has poor warmth retention. Unless it takes more than a day to completely dry, these characteristics are very doubtful for choosing feather sleeping bags in humid environments. The service life of high-quality down sleeping bags is three times that of synthetic fibers.

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2. Synthetic fiber outdoor sleeping bag

Synthetic fiber outdoor sleeping bags have good moisture resistance, wet sleeping bags can keep warm, quick-drying, and low price, but they are slightly heavier than down sleeping bags of the same grade, not easy to squeeze, take up more space in the backpack, and have a shorter service life. There are two different types of synthetic fibers.

3. Fleece outdoor sleeping bag 

Sewn with wool, it can be used alone as a summer sleeping bag or hygienic sleeping bag. It can also be used with other sleeping bags in winter to improve warmth retention. According to time experience, after adding a wool sleeping bag, a -3 degree sleeping bag can keep warm to about -10 degrees.