Several basic principles that affect the warmth of outdoor sleeping bags

 13/10/2020| View:229
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1.When a person sleeps, most of the heat is lost from the parts of the head and body that touch the ground;

2. Loss of temperature can cause shock. To avoid loss of temperature, you must first ensure your chest temperature;

3. The feet are farthest from the heart, so they are most likely to feel cold;

4. Outdoor sleeping bags of the right size are more conducive to keeping warm than loose sleeping bags, because larger sleeping bags require more body temperature for heating;

double bag (1).jpg

5. The heat and cold you feel is the process of heat balance. If the rate of heat loss is greater than the rate at which your body produces heat, you will get colder and colder; therefore, in order to prevent cold, you can reduce heat loss or use auxiliary tools to produce Heat.

6. Outdoor sleeping bags should prevent heat loss, mainly by the thickness of the sleeping bag and the remaining air. The function of the sleeping bag is to heat insulation and energy storage;When the sleeping bag is laid flat, the more fluffy, the higher the expansion, the more air can be retained and the warmer the sleeping bag.