Development prospect and design points of outdoor products

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Development prospect and design points of outdoor products

Outdoor equipment refers to the supplies needed for outdoor activities. Including tents, sleeping bag, seat belts, high boots, ropes and so on. Since 2011, the market economy of China's outdoor products wholesale has increased by nearly 3 billion yuan in one year, with an increase of 51%. The sales volume of outdoor products market has exceeded 50 billion yuan, increasing by nearly 70%. At the same time, the retail sales of outdoor products increased rapidly.

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In 2011, the sales volume of key retail enterprises in China increased by 23.9%, among which the sales growth rate of outdoor fashion sports goods in first tier cities reached 16.2%, and that in second tier cities reached 16.2%. There are 400 professional outdoor brands in China's domestic market, of which local brands account for about 30%. There are more than 2000 outdoor retail brand stores and thousands of retail stores. As the latest batch of developed industries in China, outdoor sports industry is expected to maintain an upward trend in the next few years.

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Outdoor products manufacturers have been committed to the development of the best outdoor products, comfort, convenience and functionality are extremely important, three indispensable. Using high-quality raw materials and advanced technolog. In addition, humanized design elements are integrated into the products. Each design is very particular, which gets rid of the cumbersome feeling and brings comfortable wearing experience to users.