Outdoor activities are popular, and adult sleeping bags are widely used

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Outdoor activities are popular, and adult sleeping bags are widely used

During the period when outdoor activities were popular, Adult sleeping bags were widely used at temperatures above - 10 ℃ and below 15 ℃. Because the internal structure was similar to natural cotton, and had the characteristics of simple structure and convenient carrying, it occupied the vast majority of outdoor market.

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At present, there are mainly two kinds of sleeping bags. The envelope type is simple in structure, and the upper and lower parts are connected by a zipper. The inner space is large. When opened, it can be used as a quilt, but the temperature is controlled above 10 ℃. There is also a mummy sleeping bag, the appearance of which conforms to the human body curve and has better thermal insulation. Both envelope type and mummy type have different characteristics. Customers can choose according to outdoor temperature and personal needs.

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From the structure of sleeping bags, Adult sleeping bags can be divided into two kinds of structures: plane and three-dimensional. The disadvantage of plane structure is that the effect of keeping warm is poor and the side is cold when using. The advantages and disadvantages of plane structure are summarized in the three-dimensional sleeping bag. The side piece is added to the sleeping bag to improve the side cooling problem. Because the Adult sleeping bag can be used at different temperatures, and the outer material is mostly waterproof nylon material, combined with the internal cotton characteristics, it is very comfortable to use.