Sales of sandless mat increase

 22/07/2020| View:228
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At present, people's living standards are improving. Many people begin to choose colorful outdoor activities during weekend activities. Red and white picnic mats are found in many holiday social photos.As the name suggests, a picnic mat is a kind of props used to place food or shoot during a picnic. Most of them are made of polar fleece, which is not easy to depilate, and composite sponge is mostly used inside.

red plaid picnic blanket.jpg

Picnics have higher environmental requirements, and the picnic mat can make up for part of the environmental problems. The rapid development of outdoor industry in recent years is closely related to the growth of the number of parks in China. The economic growth in the past ten years has also raised people's requirements for the quality of life. According to the comprehensive online sales data, the sales volume of picnic mats on the platform can reach 10W +, and the most important thing for people to choose the picnic mats is the beautiful appearance and comfortable texture. Compared with other damp proof mats on the market, camping mats are not only light but also waterproof and dirty.

Take advantage of the beautiful weather, buy a red and white picnic mat and go for a picnic with your family.