Lightweight camping sleeping bag for children is a good choice

 08/07/2020| View:238
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When we choose sleeping bag for baby,lightweight camping sleeping bag is a good choice. Because children are prone to cold because of the thin chest wall, so be sure to pay attention to the cold protection of the front chest and back when using sleeping bags. But also pay attention to the degree of warmth. Children do not need to wear too much when sleeping in sleeping bags. Most children wear long-sleeved sweaters and cotton sweaters.

Lightweight camping sleeping bag

A sleeping bag that is too large will weaken its cold protection function, while a sleeping bag that is too small or has legs can easily restrict the free movement of children when they sleep. A sleeping bag that is too thick and heavy will increase the child's breathing pressure and is not conducive to his physical development.

In terms of sleeping bag materials, combined with children's allergic constitution, in general, plush materials are easy to cause allergies. Parents are advised to choose cotton and chemical fiber materials that are easy to remove dust and mites.