Advantages of different camping sleeping bags for adults

 28/06/2020| View:276
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To enjoy a happy night outdoors, you need proper equipment, first you need to choose the right sleeping bag. Before choosing, you need to know what mainstream sleeping bags are available on the market, and what are the different advantages between different sleeping bags.

Advantages of envelope sleeping bag

Envelope backpacking sleeping bag.jpg

The activity space in the sleeping bag is more free and loose, even the donkeys who sleep differently will not feel bound when using it. As the name implies, the envelope-shaped sleeping bag is shaped like an envelope, a rectangle, and has a seal on the side of the sleeping bag. It is a more traditional sleeping bag structure.

Advantages of semi-rectangular sleeping bag

The lower body is slightly narrower and the upper body needs to be warmed by the original insulation. It is more spacious than the mummy, and it is light and easy to store.

Advantages of mummy sleeping bag

Mummy cotton sleeping bag (1).jpg

Mummy is the most common type of mountaineering. The shape of the mummy sleeping bag is more in line with the body shape of the human body. The shoulder is wide and gradually narrows downward. The top also has a windproof head pocket that can be tightened, which can almost completely block the invasion of cold wind and cold air.