Wholesale cheap fleece blankets,common products in life

 27/07/2020| View:227
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Wool blanket is a very common article in our life. It is generally made of imported wool. It does not fade or pilling. It is environmentally safe and is a household product. Before wholesale wool blanket, it is generally required to make to order, and the types of customization are also different according to different requirements. According to the composition, there are wool blanket, cashmere Tan, cow hair blanket, camel hair blanket, chemical fiber blended blanket, etc.

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According to the appearance selection, we can start from the pattern and color, such as jacquard blanket, solid color blanket, etc. in recent years, the pure color blanket is more popular abroad, most of them are exported to other countries, according to the use, there are household blanket and office floor stand. Different blankets have different fibers and production processes. Even if the materials are the same, the maintenance and finishing process of blankets in the later stage will also affect the price. When choosing wool blanket, you should first see whether the texture of the blanket is soft and elastic, and then look at the surface color and cleanliness.

Wholesale process can let consumers get more affordable goods, according to their own needs to choose their own products.