Blue and white picnic blanket, the best color for the beach

 16/06/2020| View:465
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Blue and white picnic blanket, the best color for the beach

It's summer,now it's time to go to the beach for vacation. There are many materials for picnic mats, cotton and linen, and Oxford cloth, but when it comes to color, blue and white picnic blanket is the best.

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Oxford cloth picnic mat

The Oxford cloth picnic mat has three layers of fabric, namely the surface, the inner and the back. The top layer is required to be dirty and easy to wash, flexible and wearable; the middle layer is a soft sponge for comfort; the bottom layer on the back is contacting the ground, Therefore, it needs to be waterproof and sandproof, and also needs to have strong wear resistance.

Cotton and linen picnic mat

The picnic mat made of cotton and linen material is light, soft and easy to carry, but it is not strong in water resistance, easy to get oily and not easy to clean, so it is not recommended as a beach mat.

So,after our introduction, I believe you already know which picnic mat to choose. If you need more about blue and white picnic blanket,welcome to contact us.