Red plaid picnic blanket is suitable for spring camping

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Red plaid picnic blanket is suitable for spring camping

Facing the spring breeze, a delicious picnic can make people shine, bring picnic mats, bamboo baskets, cocktails, then sit together in a humming minor, playing the guitar, patting the tambourine, carefully setting the focus , Filters, use a soft light board, and then shoot a few delicate compositions! It's a real sense of experience after a day! How to increase the sense of ritual of picnic? In fact, it's very simple. Don't just stay in your imagination, your heart will act!

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The biggest obstacle to preparing an exquisite picnic is the need to prepare picnic utensils. In fact, picnic utensils vary from person to person. As long as they are suitable for you, the utensils are fully prepared. You can simply say go! Let's talk about what you need to prepare!

Picnic mats are an indispensable type of picnic utensils. The choice of picnic mats is mainly considering the size and functionality. Generally, if 6 people travel, 195*200cm is enough. If you are going to the grass, remember to put a thick moisture-proof mat. It can be damp-proof and cold-proof. The best material is Oxford cloth. After use, throw it into the washing machine and wash it. After drying, it will be clean and new. It is not afraid of deformation. Choose a red plaid picnic blanket.

In addition to picnic mats, picnic bamboo baskets not only make people relax and better integrate into nature, they are also environmentally friendly and can be reused.