Differences between outdoor picnic blanket and a moisture pad

 01/06/2020| View:264
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Many people can't tell the moisture-proof mat and the outdoor picnic blanket,because they are used outdoors and look similar. In fact,there are many differences between them.

outdoor picnic blanket

Different fabrics

The material of the moisture-proof mat is mostly flammable, and attention should be paid to fire prevention. Do not use stoves or smoke on it. The compound sponge inside the picnic mat is soft and comfortable. The back is made of PVC, which is waterproof and dirt-resistant.

Different features

Moisture-proof mat is comfortable, soft and adjustable, the price is not expensive. The disadvantage is that it is too heavy, bai is too big, and easy to break. Air cushions also do not provide good insulation.

Outdoor picnic blanket is made of fleece fabric, which is not easy to remove hair.

Different application scenarios

Moisture-proof mats are mainly placed inside tents and are used as mats to isolate moisture from the atmosphere. Picnic mats are mainly used for outdoor picnics or outdoor recreation and rest. They can also be placed under the moisture-proof mat to protect the moisture-proof mat from damage by small stones on the ground.

To sum up,picnic blankets and moisture-proof mats are completely different products.