How to choose a baby sleeping bag for your baby

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How to choose a baby sleeping bag for your baby

1. The choice of sleeping bag style: No matter which sleeping bag is used, as long as the baby feels comfortable, the mother will be well.

2. The thickness of the sleeping bag: Baby sleeping bags on the market are suitable for spring and autumn, and some are suitable for winter. When choosing a sleeping bag, you must consider the climate of your location, and then consider the baby's physique before deciding on the thickness of the sleeping bag to buy. If you live in the north, heating indoors in winter, the temperature is usually around 18 degrees, so you should choose a thinner sleeping bag suitable for spring and autumn. If it feels cold, just put a blanket on the sleeping bag.

baby sleeping bag

3. The design and color of the sleeping bag: Considering the unsafe factors in fabric printing and dyeing, it is recommended that you try to choose a white or light-colored monochrome lining sleeping bag. Avoid unnecessary pollution as much as possible.

4. The smell of sleeping bags: don't forget this when buying sleeping bags! Smell the smell of sleeping bags. If you feel pungent or smelly (including aroma), it is recommended that you give up the purchase even if it has been delivered by someone else. Don't use it. This type of sleeping bag is either a printing and dyeing problem or a filling problem. Still safety first.

5. The workmanship of the sleeping bag. When choosing a sleeping bag, in addition to looking at the sleeping bag logo, it is best to feel it yourself. Feel the texture, thickness and softness of the sleeping bag.

6. The size of the sleeping bag. A good quality sleeping bag can be used in two or three winters without any problems. The extended sleeping bag can be adjusted according to the size of the baby, which is very economical.