What type of sleeping bag is best for you

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What type of sleeping bag is best for you

In general, people are familiar with envelope and mummy sleeping bags, but there are many other types. Let us understand one by one.

1. Envelope type: Sacrifice warmth, weight and packing volume to optimize space. A good option for camping by car in summer, but nothing more. You don’t want to carry an envelope-type sleeping bag for a long time. They are usually not expensive.

2. Mummy type: The shape is close to your body curve. The mummy type sleeping bag minimizes the volume and weight while maximizing heat preservation. In addition, the additional hood realizes the heat to the shoulders, neck and head. save.

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3. Half-envelope type: Is it not comfortable enough in a traditional mummy sleeping bag with limited space? There is a product that combines envelope and mummy sleeping bags, which provides the space of the former and the heat preservation of the latter. In most cases, they are slightly larger in weight and packaging volume than the mummies. Each manufacturer has its own style: spoon-shaped, spiral-shaped, pyramid-shaped or other forms. The common point is that they use a half-envelope design and sacrifice in weight to increase comfort for the mummy.

4. Bed type: A new sleeping bag that emphasizes the comfort of adapting to different sleeping positions (lying on the side, lying on the side, lying on the stomach) without sacrificing heat preservation, but at the expense of weight and packing volume.

5. Quilt type: As a result of abandoning the temperature insulating part at the bottom, their packing volume and weight have been greatly reduced. You need to use a temperature-insulating damp-proof mat with them, just like you use other sleeping bags. Some quilts include foot wraps and hoods, but the original design is a flat square quilt. Their use is more flexible than it sounds. In warm nights, you just need to stretch your legs and feet out of the quilt and pull the quilt down to adapt to the temperature. However, it takes some practice to use a quilt to store the maximum calories and sleep peacefully in it. It is a good choice for ultra-lightweight summer backpack camping, and it is also a good way to increase the insulation capacity of another sleeping bag in winter.

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6. Integrated cushion type: golden benchmark. The concept similar to the quilt, comfort, heat preservation, stability and safety are better designed by integrating sleeping bags and moisture-proof pads (usually modular) into one. This design minimizes weight and packaging volume. However, you need to buy compatible sleeping bags and moisture-proof pads at the same time, and usually only well-known brands will produce such products, so they may exceed some people's budget.