Shopping skills of sleeping bags for adults

 27/09/2020| View:250
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As a device to maintain normal body temperature, the temperature range of sleeping bag is very important. The sleeping bag test initiated by foreign countries gives the following standards: 1. Comfortable temperature is the lowest temperature that ordinary women do not feel cold when they fall asleep in their sleeping bags.

2.Lower limit temperature, the lowest temperature that ordinary men don't feel cold when they curl up in their sleeping bags.

3.Extreme temperature, the lowest temperature at which ordinary women will shiver after six hours of curling up, but will not lose temperature. 4. Upper limit temperature, the highest temperature for ordinary men to stretch out their sleeping bags to keep them from sweating. Customers can choose according to the average temperature of the place they visit according to four standards.

sleeping bags for adults

After determining the temperature, they should also consider the filling condition inside the sleeping bag. The fluffy degree can be used as the principle to measure the quality. Generally speaking, the sleeping bag with high cashmere content but ordinary fluffy degree with cashmere content is selected as the heavier quality sleeping bag. In order to further reduce the weight of sleeping bags and meet the requirements of ultra light, some manufacturers will use nylon fabric production, so that the sleeping bag fabric information without loss of stiffness, is the type of choice for many outdoor enthusiasts at present. When dealing with severe cold environment, the sleeping bag with lining structure and combined sectional structure has better thermal insulation, and nylon material with waterproof effect should be selected in snow environment. Customers can choose suitable sleeping bags according to their own needs.