Features of waterproof picnic blanket for outdoor

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Our waterproof picnic blanket for outdoor is the best companion for watching concerts, going to the beach, enjoying a picnic, going on camping trips or any outdoor adventure! Whether you're spending a day at the park or headed to an outdoor concert, a good picnic blanket is essential to lounging in comfort. There are just too many features which make this blanket quite interesting.

Features of waterproof picnic blanket for outdoor

Really Light

Weighing only about 0.6KG/1KG. It’s surprising because it’s a fleece blanket, so you would think it’s heavier than it actually is.

Waterproof Backside

It has a waterproof backside which has been tested by hundreds of customers, and they all vouch for its quality.  As long as you don’t soak it or place on a surface with a large amount of water, it can withstand dampness and wetness.

Easy to Clean

It is so easy to shake off dirt and sand from the blanket.  This product has two variants, the first one is not machine washable, but it is easy to wash by hand or spot cleaning.  You just need to shake it out nicely once you’re finished using it.

Easy to Store and Carry

It also rolls up easily for storage and cleaning.  Some people may experience a little difficulty rolling it up all the way.  But it’s quite simple to fold-you just roll it up and close it with Velcro.

Features of waterproof picnic blanket for outdoor